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Posted: 5/31/2018

Position Title: Budget Analysis

Position Duties: 

Experience gathering, managing and tracking large amounts of data, specifically for Operating and Capital Budget using company’s custom software called ACID; Effectively communicate company budget information and convey thoughts clearly to present on company’s monthly budget meeting; Build analytical reports to assist on open purchase orders and tracking real time project flow to monitor all division resources; Analyze financial reports extracted from ACID database to track expenditure and revenue for company; Motivated to establish company’s operational flowchart to maximize effectiveness and desired outcome for the organization; Knowledge and practical experience with ACID in past and current employment history; Experience with company’s common business application and actively participate in on going improvements of ACID; Good understanding of management practices to empower others for the greater of the company; Quick to understand company processes and applications which allows employee to approaches and resolve issues in a timely manner, specifically when it comes to creating a solution based on information gathering and understanding of company’s accounting /budget tools from ACID. Identify budget issues, provide alternative solutions and resolve problems, using custom software ACID (Applied Ceramics Internal Database). Actively participate in on going development of ACID, including direct communication with programmers.

Minimum Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and 12 months of experience in position or related occupation.

Location Of Employment:

Applied Ceramics Inc.
48630 Milmont Dr.
Fremont, CA 95438


If interested, please contact HR, at (510) 249-9700, 48630 Milmont Dr. Fremont CA 95438

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