Aluminum Nitride



Applied Ceramics fabricates Aluminum Nitride (AIN) into common forms and finely machined parts for a variety of precision electronic applications.

Aluminum Nitride is a versatile material most often used in situations that demand both high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. This unique ability, combined with its low toxicity, makes AIN ideal for managing rapid heating and removal of heat from other components and systems, such as in heat sinks and spreaders.

In addition, its low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is similar to silicon material, means AIN is a trusted substance for use in semiconductor products. The material remains highly stable through a wide range of temperatures.

In high-power electronic applications, components such as solid state transistors can generate significant amounts of heat, affecting performance. A substrate made from AIN can draw away the heat while being an insulator for mounted components. Similarly, LED applications produce high levels of heat. A traditional heat sink along with an AIN substrate can dissipate heat and improve performance.

Applied Ceramics has extensive experience in aluminum nitride machining and can create blocks, sheets and bars. We have the practical knowledge needed to machine AIN into fine rings and other custom parts to meet tight tolerances and specifications. Our refined machining processes enable Applied Ceramics to drill, grind or thread Aluminum Nitride with great accuracy and repeatability.

Contact an experienced Applied Ceramics professional for more information on our materials and machining capabilities, and to start a quote for your unique Aluminum Nitride needs.

aluminum nitride disc patterned aluminum nitride plate

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  • Heat sinks & similar heat dissipation solutions
  • Substrate for electronics, semiconductors & optoelectronics (lasers)
  • Insulation for electronic sensors, filters & other delicate components
  • LED lighting


  • High thermal conductivity
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Stable through a range of temperatures
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Resistant to sudden increases in heating
  • Aluminum Nitride

    Properties Units Aluminum Nitride
    Density g/cm3 3.19-3.25
    Color gray
    Water Absorption % 0
    Flexural Strength MPa@room temp.(R.T.) 428
    Compressive Strength MPa@R.T.
    Hardness GPa 10.4-11.7
    Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 1E-6/°C
    (»25°C to Ј1000°C)
    Thermal Conductivity W/m°K@R.T. 100-115
    Specific Heat cal/g°C@R.T.
    Thermal Shock Resistance D T(°C) 400
    Maximum Use Temperature °C 1600
    Volume Resistivity Ohm. cm@R.T. >1014
    Dielectric Constant 1MHz@R.T. 8.0-9.0

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