ACI-998 Alumina

ACI-998 Alumina

Weight 99.8% Aluminum Oxide
Weight 99.8% Aluminum Oxide

ACI-998 ALUMINA is the most popular technical alumina ceramic for ACI’s customers in various industries. Highly due to its high electrical insulation property, sound mechanical performance and excellent corrosion resistance, ACI-998 Al₂O₃ has been applied in many industries that include semiconductor, automotive, oil and gas energy, medical and health, military defense and armor industries.

With over 20 years of experience in the fine ceramic & alumina ceramic manufacturing business, ACI produces this state-of-art technical machinable ceramic alumina from ultra-pure raw powder for ultra-precision parts.

Looking for 99.5% weight aluminum oxide (ACI-995)?

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  • Semiconductor
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas Energy
  • Medical & Health
  • Military Defense & Armor


  • Molecular Formula: Al₂O₃
  • High Electrical Insulation
  • Sound Mechanical Performance
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • ACI-998 Alumina

    Properties Units ACI-998 Alumina (weight 99.8% Aluminum Oxide) 99.5% Aluminum Oxide
    Density gram/cm3 3.9 3.8-3.9
    Color ivory ivory/white
    Water Absorption % 0 0
    Flexural Strength MPa@room temp.(R.T.)


    Compressive Strength MPa@R.T. 3180 2070-2620
    Hardness GPa 14.0-15.0 13.8-17.6
    Coefficient of Linear
    Thermal Expansion
    (»25°C to Ј1000°C)
    8.0 9.0-9.4
    Thermal Conductivity


    29.5 25.1-35.6
    Specific Heat cal/g°C@R.T. 0.21 0.19-0.21
    Thermal Shock Resistance D T(°C) 250 200
    Maximum Use Temperature °C 1800 1600-1750
    Volume Resistivity Ohm. cm@R.T. >1014 >1014
    Dielectric Constant 1MHz@R.T. 9.8 9.6-10.2

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