ACI-995 Alumina



Applied Ceramics ACI-995 Alumina Ceramic is the material used in a wide variety of industrial and engineering applications for its high performance and purity. Alumina oxide is chosen for its strength, stiffness, and resistance to corrosion, as well as its electrical insulation and high thermal conductivity. Parts manufactured with ACI-995 have high reliability and predictability which makes it the preferred material for critical applications.

ACI-995 Alumina Ceramic is an excellent material for many electronic applications, such as components for semiconductor equipment, circuit board substrates, seals, connectors, laser components and more. ACI-995 delivers a high electrical temperature capacity and high insulation voltage for rigorous environments.

Alumina Ceramics can be found in several laboratory products, such as instrumentation for thermal test machines, gas laser tubes and more. Further, alumina is ideal for ceramic-to-metal feed-throughs that require hermeticity (vacuum-tightness) when transferring power and fluids or gases. Other industries also benefit from parts made from ACI-995 Alumina including automotive, oil/gas processing and medical device manufacturing.

Applied Ceramics manufactures its ACI-995 Alumina into different shapes such as disks, rings rectangles and custom designs requiring high specifications and tolerances. With over 20 years of experience in Alumina ceramic manufacturing, the ultra-precision parts made by Applied Ceramics ACI-99.5 Alumina consistently meet the most formidable demands.

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Looking for 99.8% weight aluminum oxide (ACI-998)?

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  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Medical Devices
  • Precision Electronics


  • Weight 99.5% pure Aluminum Oxide
  • Hard, wear-resistant, durable
  • Corrosive (acid and alkali) resistant
  • Strong thermal conductivity and electrical insulation
  • ACI-995 Alumina

    Properties Units AC998

    Aluminum Oxide


    Aluminum Oxide

    Density g/cm3 3.9 3.8-3.9
    Color ivory ivory/white
    Water Absorption % 0 0
    Flexural Strength MPa@room temp.(R.T.)


    Compressive Strength MPa@R.T. 3180 2070-2620
    Hardness GPa 14.0-15.0 13.8-17.6
    Coefficient of Linear
    Thermal Expansion
    (»25°C to Ј1000°C)
    8.0 9.0-9.4
    Thermal Conductivity W/m°K@R.T. 29.5 25.1-35.6
    Specific Heat cal/g°C@R.T. 0.21 0.19-0.21
    Thermal Shock Resistance D T(°C) 250 200
    Maximum Use Temperature °C 1800 1600-1750
    Volume Resistivity Ohm. cm@R.T. >1014 >1014
    Dielectric Constant 1MHz@R.T. 9.8 9.6-10.2

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